Frequently Asked Quetions

On-Boarding Questions
What will happen to all my data from the previous billing software?

You can transfer all, partial, or no data from your previous billing software while installing DigiDukandar POS. If you want to start fresh, you can import all the product details from DigiDukandar's Global Library

How long does it take to integrate the store in the DigiDukandar POS?

The entire process will take 30 minutes for a store to install and start using the DigiDukandar POS solution

Is there any training modules provided by DigiDukandar during on-boarding?

Yes, we provide two kinds of training, first, specially curated video tutorials to get you started, and second, DigiDukandar's relationship manager who will help you at every step during on-boarding

Online Order Questions
Who will deliver the order to the customers?

Delivery will be handled by retailers. We are giving them the flexibility to set own prices, time of delivery and area of operation

What are the return policy?

DigiDukandar has clearly defined the rules and conditions under which the customer can ask for return ad refund. If any order item comes under the conditions, then customer can ask the retailers for return / refund. It is on the discrete of the retailer and customer to either accept or reject the request

What are the requirements for online delivery?

There are no extra requirements for online delivery, expect managing the stocks. If multiple fill rate issues are being observed from the store, then DigiDukandar may disable the online orders for that store

How will I receive the payments?

For any online order, money will be transferred within 3 days of order delivery

General Questions
What kind of businesses can use DigiDukandar POS?

Any retailer can use DigiDukandar's POS solution

What if internet went down?

You will still be able to use the DigiDukandar POS solution for all the offline transactions, however, you may not be able to receive the online orders till the time internet is restored

How many terminals can I use?

You can integrate as many terminals as you want

Do I need to manage two different inventories for both offline and online store?

No, we offer an omni-channel inventory management solution where all the offline and online inventories are merged and automatically taken care of

Security Questions
What if I lost my login credentials?

You can click on forget password or write an email to

What kind of security alerts will I receive?

Various kinds of alerts will be sent to you, for example, if a staff manually changes the stock of the product, deletes a sale or purchase, etc

Can I assign different permissions to my employees?

Yes, you can assign different permissions and roles to the employees, for example, an employee with only sale role cannot change the stocks manually

Is my store personal data safe?

Yes, your store personal data is 100% safe and will not be shared with third party providers. A copy of your data will be stored at DigiDukandar's cloud database to avoid any hardware or data failure situations